NEW Student Onboarding

The purpose of this section is to help you get ready for your educational journey at Launch Academy.

Message from our Counseling Team

STEP 1 – Student Email Account












Instructions on how to find out your email address


CANVAS is the main HUB for all Launch Virtual Academy online interactions. Click on the image to access Slide Presentation about CANVAS



How Can Parents Monitor Student’s Academic Progress? Parents can be invited (by student) into each student class as an “Observer”.

LVA Orientation Example Canvas Class: Joining a Sample CANVAS Class

STEP 3 – APEX Learning

Most classes in Launch Virtual Academy use APEX Learning content. The APEX content is imbedded in your CANVAS Classroom. Here is a video that will give you an overview of how you will be able to access APEX content integrated in your CANVAS Classrooms:

STEP 4 – Microsoft TEAMS

Teachers and students meet online during LIVE Academic Sessions using Microsoft TEAMS. Here is a video to give you an overview of how it works:

Now, JOIN a sample TEAMS class to explore its components – Here is a video with instructions:

It is really important for us at Launch Academy to make sure you are comfortable at navigating our platforms. If you need support WE CAN HELP YOU! Starting Tuesday, January 11th, you can make an appointment with Ms. Yadira Conchas to guide you through our systems. Click HERE to make an online appointment to speak to her over the phone, meet with her online , or meet with her in-person.

We are excited to have you join our school!

Launch Virtual Academy Team