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Words of Advice

Time management is an important skill that students need to develop as they transition from traditional (brick & mortar) schools to online only settings. Students are expected to follow the pace of the course to finish within the 9-week quarter, but they will be able to look ahead and in some cases complete work at an accelerated pace based upon the structure of the course. Students might struggle initially if both students and parents don’t set a regular schedule for school work.  To complete three classes in a 9 week quarter, students should dedicate 30 hours/week to schoolwork and live academic sessions.

Due dates for lessons are flexible, as long as students stay on track for course completion.  Attendance at Launch Academy is not just showing up to live academic sessions, but based on satisfactory course progress.  Students who do not meet or exceed the expected workload for a week will receive incomplete (absence) attendance for that week.  Students need the motivation, commitment, organizational skills, and drive to work independently and collaboratively.

The key of a student’s academic success in an online environment is the ability to adjust her/his personal schedule to meet the demands of each course.

Tips for success when embarking on online classes:

  • Understand each course expectations, tasks, and requirements
  • Establish a dedicated workspace at home
  • Identify and know how to access your resources
  • Stay organized
  • Manage time wisely (10 hours per week for each class)
  • Network with classmates and instructors
  • Seek help when needed (don’t wait until last minute)
  • Develop positive academic habits in your surrounding