Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I contact my student’s teacher(s)?

You can contact your student’s teachers by email or by making an online appointment with them. Both, email addresses and Calendly links are located in our Staff Directory.

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How can I contact my student’s counselor?

You can contact your student counselor by phone, email, or by making an online appointment. You will find all contact information of our counseling team HERE.

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What platforms (systems) my student will use?

  • Infinite Campus Portal
    • Our school and Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) use Infinite Campus as its main Student Information System (SIS). You used this platform to register your student as a SUHSD student. Both parents and students can access Class Schedule, Progress Reports, and Final Class grades in Infinite Campus.
    • Our school Learning Management System (LMS) is CANVAS. All class information, class content, assignments, quizzes, tests, and online meeting links are located in each CANVAS classroom.
  • Microsoft TEAMS
    • Students meet online with their classmates and teachers using TEAMS.

By clicking HERE you will find more details on each platform.

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How can I see my student’s grades?

Teachers’ gradebook is located in each CANVAS classroom. Parents can access and monitor their student’s classes by joining as “Observers”. By clicking Here you will find instructions to guide you on how to monitor your student academic progress in CANVAS.

Progress Reports (PR) and Final Grades are reported through Infinite Campus Portal.

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How can I see my student’s attendance?

Attendance at Launch Academy is a combination of student online (digital) engagement in each class content, meeting online, and satisfactory course progress (work completed).

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