How can PARENTS check student’s grades in CANVAS?

Steps for Parents to check students grades in CANVAS Step 1. Ask your student for the course pairing code. Here are instructions on how to generate the pairing code. Step 2. Go to the following link Step 3. Create an account by clicking “Click Here for an Account”             Done! More resources: How do I sign up for a Canvas account as … Continue reading How can PARENTS check student’s grades in CANVAS?

Weekly APEX report (email) for Parents

Dear Launch Academy Parent/Guardian, How to know if your student is actively engaged in APEX coursework? – Are you receiving a weekly email report from APEX <no.reply@apexlearning>? If you are not receiving these weekly emails (Sundays), please contact your student’s subject teacher and ask to be added to your student’s APEX class as a “Coach”. The following video walks you through a link that is … Continue reading Weekly APEX report (email) for Parents

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How to check your school email account?

Step no.1  First you need to know your student email account. It looks like “” If you need to find out your email account you can find it in Infinite Campus in the “Family Information” section.         Step no. 2  Go to:  or click HERE.             Enter your email address account and type your password. Your temporary password … Continue reading How to check your school email account?

Working with Microsoft-TEAMs (MS-TEAMs)

Dear Launch community, We have compiled a list of useful resources to navigate MS-TEAMs: What is Microsoft TEAMs (MS-TEAMs)? – short video MS-TEAMs Get Started Guide -PDF document Signing into MS-TEAMs for the first time – short video Connecting with MS-TEAMs -short video Organize Schoolwork with MS-TEAMs -short video Working with classes and Classmates -short video Download MS-TEAMs for Desktop or mobile Tips for Successful Online Learning (from … Continue reading Working with Microsoft-TEAMs (MS-TEAMs)

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Students/Parents Tech Support for Launch Academy

Devices – If you have any questions and need support for your devices, Email support  You will need to include your Student ID number and your School Site information in the Subject line of the email. Parents can call the Help Desk number 619-585-7995 Option 5. Hours 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM Connectivity – If your family requires internet access, there are internet hotspots available and you … Continue reading Students/Parents Tech Support for Launch Academy

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Infinite Campus Portal Information

What is Infinite Campus? Infinite Campus is the online portal to register students to attend Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) schools. All SUHSD schools use Infinite Campus to access student schedules, student attendance, grades, and announcements. *Launch Academy will use some features of Infinite Campus. However, due to the online nature of our school, we will have differences with the rest of SUHSD schools. … Continue reading Infinite Campus Portal Information