Welcome to Launch Academy

What is  Launch Academy?

Launch Academy is an Independent Study program using a blended learning pedagogical approach designed for the student and family that wants a flexible program that maximizes choice. It will be open to any 7 – 12 grade student that wants their education primarily via online. It will include Choice, Flexibility, Personalized Learning, Online and On-Site Activities, Certified Teachers, Engaging Curriculum, Access to On-Site enrichment programs including Sports, Visual and Performing Arts, and STEAM.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the differences between Sweetwater Distance Learning and Launch Academy?

Launch Academy will be an independent study program where student attendance is based on work completion, not seat time. There will be some teacher instruction and student collaboration, but less than the regular campus. Distance Learning will be  a traditional classroom approach with required synchronous sessions. Furthermore, Distance Learning has the stated intent of getting back on campus as soon as conditions allow and safety protocols are in place. Launch Academy will continue as an online option well after COVID-19 is under control.  If your only interest in pursuing Launch Academy is to avoid health concerns, then Distance Learning is probably the appropriate placement as safety will be our primary concern for all Sweetwater students.

Who may attend the Launch Virtual Academy?

Any student grades 7-12 who lives within the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) boundaries

Any student grades 7-12 who lives outside SUHSD boundaries but obtains an inter-district transfer permit from their current district office.


If you would like to be added to the Waiting list, please fill out  THIS FORM